At ACME Surface Dynamics, Inc., our team is the very heart of what we do. Operating at the peak level of safety is paramount to our success as a company and as an employer. We value keeping our team and workplace safe, and believe that a safe working environment translates into keeping our operation moving forward and meeting the needs of our customers. Each one of our employees is trained in current worksite safety procedures, as well as how to work safely with certified and properly maintained equipment.

ACME complies with OSHA and EPA standards, as well as policy and procedural guidelines. We monitor safety guidelines through effective programs to ensure that our workplace is consistently safe for our employees. Our team members receive ongoing, intensive training that is instrumental in furthering our safety culture throughout the workplace. They are trained to identify any potentially unsafe conditions and immediately bring them to the attention of our management team to be promptly addressed.

An active member of The Eastern Stark County Safety Council, our management team is proactive and routinely performs safety inspections to monitor conditions to confirm compliance within environmental, health and safety regulations.

ACME has also consistently received recognition from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (OBWC) for our progressive workplace safety programs and performance.