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hard chrome plating
Hard Chrome Plating, also known as “engineering” or “functional” chromium, is one of the most durable, wear-resistant surface finishes for the machinery industry. It is applicable to interior as well as exterior surfaces.

ACME’s Hard Chrome Plating has an as-plated hardness of 68-70 HRC. Chrome can be applied from 0.0002″

to 0.050″ thick (coatings thicker than 0.004″ may need to be finish-ground after plating). Our equipment will handle up to 36 inches in diameter and 30 feet in length, and has a maximum weight capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Hard Chrome Plating is used to provide a working surface that addresses the following characteristics: increased corrosion and wear resistance, chemical resistance, and reduction in the coefficient of friction. Plating replicates the base surface that is provided from a mirror-finish to a rough matte finish.


hard chrome platingCommon applications of Hard Chrome Plating include hydraulic cylinders and piston rods, rotors, crankshafts, printing plates/rolls, molds for glass forming, feedscrews for the injection mold and extruder industry, and some cutting tools.

Hard Chrome Plating is commonly used for the rebuilding of worn parts such as axles, piston rods, rolls, journals, shafts, molding and stamping dies, hydraulic cylinder barrels, and crankshafts.

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Industry Standards / Specifications for Hard Chrome Plating.
AMS 2460
AMS 2406 G
ASTM B650-95
MIL-C-23422D (SH)
ASTM-B177 (Standard Guide Engineering Chromium Electropolishing)

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