» Stress Relief of the Surface
» Removes Oxides
» Superior Corrosion Resistance
» Hygienically Clean Surfaces
» No Hydrogen Embrittlement
» Polishes and De-burrs Odd Shaped Parts

ACME Surface Dynamics, Inc., is proud to announce the establishment of a newly expanded Electropolishing department. This new system has increased capacity and reduced turnaround time for handling service orders. Electropolishing is typically utilized to improve parts cosmetically. It can be employed on a variety of metals, most commonly stainless steel. Electropolishing is also often referred to as a“reverse plating” process.

» Aerospace Components
» Dental Instruments
» Fasteners
» Food & Beverage Handling Equipment
» Gears
» Marine Components
» Medical & Surgical Instruments
» Military Components
» Orthopedic Devices
» Specialty Cookware
» Springs
» Stainless Steel Fabricated Components
» Stampings
» Utensils

We welcome the opportunity to quote your Electropolishing needs. We can offer sample runs of your part(s) to determine if Electropolish can benefit your product line.

Standards to Electropolishing of SS
ASTM B 912-02

Electropolish 2
Electropolish 3